When is it advisable for parents to ask for our help?

Whom do we await?

  • If the doctor or the children's health visitor recommends a special treatment to improve motoric functions;
  • If you have any doubts about one or another aspect of the healthy development of your child
  • If you simply want to check your child's development; whether if it is on the right course.
When is it advisable for parents to ask for our help?

No-one knows children better than their own parents. It is only natural that parents worry about them, and compare them instinctively to siblings, cousins, or other childen. Of course, the pace of development can differ from child to child. Still, when you notice some particular, it is advisable to visit a specialist.

Conditions of birth and pregnancy that need extra attention

High-risk pregnancy, pregnancy with twins, in vitro fertilization, preterm birth.

Warning signs in infancy
  • The baby does not turn over by the age of six months.
  • Shows asymmetry in the use of arms and legs.
  • Sleeps too much.
  • Does not respond to sudden noises.
  • Eyes do not follow people or toys.
Warning signs in toddlers' and preschoolers' age
  • There are delays in crawling, climbing, standing up, or walking-
  • Some types of movements are missing, or there are difficulties in doing them.
  • There are problems with seeing, hearing, or speaking. The child does not start to speak by the age of three, or the developments stop at some level. They repeat the same utterances, or do not learn new words.
  • Behavioral problems, extreme mobility (wild, sudden, and uncontrolled movements).
  • The child cannot focus on playing with a toy for a long time, or plays with the same toys over and over again.
  • Cannot estimate depth, height of distance with reasonable precision; too cautious in stepping over obstacles, or stumbles in them. Problems with balance (afraid to sit on a swing or riding a bicycle.

If you notice any of the symptoms described above, discuss it wth the health visitor, and come to us for counseling..

How the counselling goes

You can ask for an examination appointment on the phone or via e-mail from 8 am to 4 pm each weekday. Phone: 06-1-321-8357, e-mail: tunyogi.szakszolgalat@gmail.com . Address: 1064 Budapest, VI., Rózsa utca 46.

If you contact us, we welcome you in the Center within two weeks. Examinations take place from 1 am on weekdays.

Please bring with you: a small blanket, textile diapers, medical papers (hospital report on birth, Health Booklet, health documents about the baby).

The examination takes 60 to 90 minutes.

About the examination

The parent is always present. We conduct the examination in a tender, affectionate atmosphere. We ask the parent about the details of the child's history (circumstances of the pregnancy and birth; other important events). We observe the child in simple, everyday situations; watch them move around; see how their capacities correspond to their age, and how their sensory organs work (eyesight, hearing). Then we discuss with the parent everything that can and should be dones.

The development and the therapy of each child is an individual case and endeavour.