Come visit us with your child if you have a diagnosis for a pediatrician or a neurologist; or if you, as a caring parent, notice some disorder or delay in development.

Important! You should come as early as possible!

The earlier we begin the development process, the better results we will have. Weeks or even days may count. If you care about your child, never think that „they will grow out of it anyway”. Early intervention can determine their quality of life for many years to come.

Your child comes first

We work so that your children can make up for whatever disadvantages they may have, and enter healthy children's communities as soon as possible; or, improving their own capacities and talents, they could achieve the maximum that their conditions allow.

No situation is hopeless; whith affection and expertise we can win!.

Whom do we await?

  • Children, who were born preterm
  • Children with injuries of the central nervous system
  • Children with metabolic or genetic disorders
  • Children with motor impairment
  • Children with hearing or auditive auditory attention impairment
  • Children with visual, or visual attention impairment
  • Children with learning disorder
  • Children with intellectual disability
  • Children with speech problems
  • Children with behaviour or socialisation problems
  • Multiply disabled handicapped children with multiple disabilities
  • Pre-schoolers in need of special development